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Grammarly Review 2022: Pricing, Pros, Cons, 20% Discount

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Waiting for the last minute to write your essay isn’t anything new.

But smart writers nowadays use Grammarly, the best online writing app, to write faster and with the perfect punctuation every time.

You don’t need to worry about that semi colon, neither of comma placements because Grammarly has it all; from inbuilt comma checker tool to the best online proofreader tool.

Read my Grammarly Review to see why it’s the best Grammar and punctuation checker tool online and how you can use it to its fullest.

Grammarly education discount coupon

Let’s now check out what makes Grammarly worth your investment and how it can improve your writing by effortlessly correcting grammar mistakes, contextual spelling mistakes (something no word processors can do yet!), check for plagiarism, proofread your document for punctuation errors and more.

Let’s find out more in the section below where we have an exclusive Grammarly premium review!

How good is Grammarly?

Grammarly isn’t good enough to replace a human proofreader. That being said, it is the next best thing that money can get you. Grammarly is a reliable tool to spot most grammar and punctuation errors, helps you detect plagiarism with percentage and even checks for grammatical errors based on the genre or writing style. It is a multi-platform tool that’s there wherever you write. We recommend it to anyone whose writing matters.

Does Grammarly really work?

This is the question that might arise even before you claim our Grammarly discount for students. Hence, here’s a brief of what Grammarly can help you with:

1. Grammarly checks over 400 grammatical errors

Grammar and spellings are so very essential for students and professionals. Grammarly checks 400+ common and complex errors that go unnoticed or eat up your time correcting those. Built by linguistics and language lovers, this tool has it all.

I am a freelance writer and I personally couldn’t find an error that went unnoticed from Grammarly. Errors like lets and let’s, quiet and quite, principal and principle will never worry you again, ever.

2. Grammarly corrects punctuation better than MS Word

MS word is by far the coolest office app. It is a great word processor but it has stayed behind with the correct developments.

For example, it will not correct if you write nest in place of next in a sentence. If you are looking for a real and efficient grammar and spell checker tool, word is sure to disappoint you.

If you are a die-hard lover of MS Word like I am, Grammarly comes with an MS Word add-in that will integrate with Word and correct your grammar and suggest spellings offline. It comes as a free grammar and punctuation checker with the premium version.

Now you can use Grammarly is MS Word and write your essay or blog post article while simultaneously checking it for any grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes.

3. Grammarly helps you become a better writer

If you have a writer in you, Grammarly helps you draft your novel faster with weekly stats, sentence structure improvements and premium checking across the web.

It will help you proofread your thesis by real human proofreaders, online. Grammarly offers genre specific writing styles by which you can assign your written articles (and check for the grammar issues) based on the topic or subject.

Like if you write business copy you can direct Grammarly to check the error in your article based on a business standard.

Similarly. you can assign your posts as medical posts, blog post, online marketing and other standards to check for grammar and word mistakes in a better efficient way.

4. Grammarly offers the best essay plagiarism checker

Sometimes, we intentionally or unintentionally leave a piece of text in our essay or writing project that already exists elsewhere.

This is called copied content or plagiarism. While there are many ways to avoid plagiarism, it still is a huge concern for students and professors alike.

Grammarly literally has a database of 2 billion documents relate to every topic you can imagine of. It then correlates your paper/essay with those to find if your content is copied and suggests you edits. Thus saving you the embarrassments.

Grammarly is also one of our top picks in the best 20 tools for online plagiarism detection.

Looking for free online plagiarism detector with percentage?

If you want a free plagiarism checker online for college students, you can use Grammarly as it is extensively used in all over the world including UK, USA and others.

Though the plagiarism checker feature of Grammarly is not free, however you can avail this using our exclusive Grammarly education discount.

Students have been using Grammarly as an efficient and trustworthy free plagiarism checker online for checking their journal articles and thesis.

We have had a detailed review of Grammarly’s plagiarism detection as a tool and we found that it analyses hundreds of existing online and offline articles in its database to give you the exact percentage of matching duplicate content (plagiarised content).

Grammarly displays the percentage of copied content with downloadable PDF report.

Teachers and students and even freelance writers can then come up with the report to counter the writer about the plagiarised content.

5. In-built proofreading plus human support

Grammarly is by far the best proofreader and also offers you real-life human proofreaders to check your content with a human eye. This is not provided by any of the online proofreading tools for students.

6. Advanced punctuation checker

Sometimes a simple punctuation error can be a deal breaker. With Grammarly, you can leave that to eternity. It makes your writing look better, clean and professional.

With Grammarly (coupled with our Grammarly discount), you do not have to worry about any mistakes in punctuating your sentences. Grammarly easily detects the smallest punctuation errors, no matter you have short sentences or long sentences.

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